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Progress Report

From our inaugural meeting in September 2004 to March 2013 the project is now nearing conclusion.    Agreeing the mandate, prices and site layout plus rules of the scheme and preparing agreements with Lake Deneys Yacht Club took 18 months,   We then had to  engage a number of professional disciplines and this was frustrated by some of the professionals emigrating mid stream and having to engage others.
The Engineering Services Report, the Ground Investigation Report, The Environmental Report, The Traffic Report and the Municipal services report were all completed in 2007 and were submitted to the planning authorities in Bloemfontein.    Approval for the development was obtained in October 2010 at which time we were obliged to undertake a “final” survey for submission to the office of the Surveyor General.    We had to engage a new surveyor as the original consultant had emigrated and the new man discovered an error in the original layout because an incorrect beacon had been used for the calculations.   Adjustments had to be made to the layout causing further delays but finally the approved plans were submitted to the SG in March 2011 for approval.

We received final proclamation in December 2012 and the owners; LDYC were paid R2,700,000-00 for the land being the original agreed price.

We now need to open the sectional title register and in order to do this we need to build two units (the gate house & utility shed) to roof height, have them surveyed and submitted to the deeds office. Plans for these two units must be submitted to the local municipality together with the civil engineering and the electrical engineering plans for the complex. We have engaged a civil engineer and electrical engineer to undertake this work.

The latest costing report compiled by our Quantity Surveyor in April 2011 is attached. Click here to download